Zoetis, in partnership with Techcyte, is revolutionizing veterinary diagnostics through the launch of Vetscan Imagyst® AI Urine Sediment Analysis. This innovative solution, driven by Techcyte’s advanced AI technology, brings in-house diagnostics to veterinary practices, significantly elevating the level of care for animals.

The AI Urine Sediment Analysis can identify various elements such as red and white blood cells, squamous and other epithelial cells, struvite, calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals, hyaline and non-hyaline casts, and cocci and rod bacteria. With nearly 1,000 fields of view analyzed, it delivers prompt, reliable, and precise results within minutes. Users receive semi-quantitative results in a few simple steps, aiding in swift diagnoses and efficient treatment selection.

The inclusion of Vetscan Imagyst® AI Urine Sediment Analysis expands the capabilities for veterinarians, enabling them to conduct multiple crucial tests in a single visit. Other available tests encompass AI Fecal, AI Blood Smear, AI Dermatology, and Digital Cytology. Vetscan Imagyst® ensures consistent and accurate results, facilitating immediate diagnosis and on-site treatment.

At the core of this advancement is Techcyte’s technology, which contributes the AI expertise powering Vetscan Imagyst. Through collaboration with Zoetis, Techcyte is driving veterinary diagnostics into a new era. The impressive track record, with over 3 million scans processed worldwide using the Vetscan Imagyst platform, attests to the efficiency and accuracy of this technology.

This collaboration not only simplifies veterinary diagnostics but also highlights the practical application and impact of AI technology in enhancing animal healthcare. The introduction of Vetscan Imagyst AI Urine Sediment Analysis signifies a significant milestone in veterinary medicine, offering a more streamlined, precise, and convenient diagnostic process.