VETSCAN IMAGYST™ activates innovative technology to revolutionize faecal flotation testing at the point of care. The IMAGYST™ system was developed to provide a simple, efficient, and standardized faecal examination. IMAGYST™ is an easy-to-use, next generation diagnostic platform that brings expert clinical results into the hands of veterinary staff.



  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Clinical and routine analysis
  • All reagents supplied
  • Easy to handle
  • Clear resolution
  • Reproducible results
  • Applies the power of images collected over a 5-year period to deliver accurate and efficient results to your clinic
  • Stores captured images, which allows for easy image and trending patient results
  • The IMAGYST™ Sample Preparation Device, a self-contained faecal parasite concentrator, enables clean and efficient sample collection and processing
  • Automates and standardises the classification and diagnosis of internal parasites
  • Scans the sample on the slide and sends high-resolution, shareable images right to the veterinarian’s device within the practice during the patient visit
  • Utilizes VETSCAN FUSE, a bi-directional communication system between Practice Information Management Software (PIMS) and IMAGYST™, allowing easy access to patient results, updates to medical records and charge capturing.



Zoetis is a global animal health company with over 65 years’ experience, delivering quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests, and supported by a range of services. Zoetis serves veterinarians, livestock producers and individuals who raise and care for farm and companion animals in more than 100 countries. Apacor have worked in close partnership with Zoetis to assist in the manufacture of the VETSCAN IMAGYST™. Visit the Zoetis website here:


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